how to change apple watch move goal exercise goal walkthrough

How to change exercise goals on apple watch

Every Monday of each week, the Activity app on your Apple Watch provides a Weekly Summary in the Notification Center on your watch. At the bottom of this feature, a brand new Move goal may be suggested optimized by your past performance, along with the ability to adjust the goal.

Your Apple Watch Move Goal can also be changed at any other time:

  • Open the Activity app on your watch:
    • When viewing the time on your watch face, tap on the Activity rings icon / complication.
    • Or go the Home screen (via a single press of the Digital Crown, when viewing the time on your watch) and tap on the Activity app icon (coloured rings).
  • Press firmly on the screen (more firmly than normal touch or tap) > tap on Change Move Goal > change the goal.

What should I change my Apple Watch Exercise Goal to?

How to change Apple Watch exercise goals

  • To start, open the Activity app on your Apple Watch.
  • Firmly press on your rings (Force Touch) and tap Change Move Goal.
  • Lower your goal with the – button or with the Digital Crown.
  • Tap Update.